Dreamy Ducklings Genesis

The ugly duckling is a story that many people can resonate with. A baby duck grew up with his brothers and sisters, but always felt left out. It did a number on his self esteem and felt a sadness that he though would always stay there. Until he found out that he is not a duck! He was in fact a swan, and grew up into a big beautiful bird. He had a dream, and so do our Dreamy Ducklings!

Ducks in their natural habitats.

Dreamy Ducklings design came from something basic, a rubber ducky our artist had in her bathtub. With a dash of inspiration and a tablet, the first draft of the Dreamy Duckling was born.

The case for ANOTHER generative NFT project

The inspiration for Dreamy Ducklings came from a problem observed in the NFT space — too many NFT avatar projects, not enough utility. Sure, many will appreciate in price quickly or over time, but only a few have active communities that engage their audience and provide value supplemental to the original art drop. One that always stuck out to us as community members was Cool Cats, and led us to want to help out however we can. That inspired Dreamy Ducklings (!) and our plans to implement a few things to produce inherent value in addition to the rarity aspect that NFTs and art generation provide.

With a cutie like this, how can you say no?

The main supplements to verifiable rarity that Dreamy Ducklings provide are the following:

  1. Revenue Sharing
  2. Voting Rights and Governance
  3. Staking for tokenized assets
  4. Community Creation Program
  5. Airdrops
  6. The Right Technology
  7. Metaverse Integrations
  8. Future generation with even more features

An in depth breakdown of each value creation and community engagement tools will be covered in another article.

For now, stay tuned with Ugly Ducklings on Twitter and join our community on Discord!



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Dreamy Ducklings DAO

Dreamy Ducklings DAO

Dreamy Ducklings are a generative NFT collection that double as DAO tokens, built to tokenize Cool Cats and provide fun for the community!